Personal Training

One On One

Our personal training options are just that – 100 % personalised training solutions made just for you! Our trainers will work closely with you one on one to find out what you want to achieve and then set realistic goals to work towards. We build a plan together and set some benchmarks giving you small weekly goals to strive for and motivate you. We keep you accountable and talk through solutions if you are not progressing. Our personal training service does not end once you walk out of the gym. We are there for our clients 24/7, and ensure we provide ongoing education, guidance, and support to keep you on track.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, increase muscle, get fitter, achieve a sporting goal, increase sports performance, reduce stress, get healthier, or just have fun, we tailor your training to suit your specific goals and strive to help you achieve your potential!

Buddy and Small Group

Do you workout better alongside others? Do you like friendly competition to challenge you? Buddy and small group training offers perhaps a more affordable solution to personal training, yet provides a great environment to train alongside others. We train husbands and wives, siblings, mothers and daughters, workmates, teammates, friends, and even bosses and their employees! We can also team you up with someone suitable or slot you in to one of our existing group PT sessions.

If you have a group in mind, or you would like to join in with other clients, please contact us and let us know!