Sports Specific Yoga

Known for our role as official ‘Yoga Teacher to the Cairns Taipans’ during their runner up season in 2014-15, GETFIT yoga is an effective and results based program designed specifically for athletes of all levels and disciplines.

We understand the impact of fitness training and sports on your muscles, joints and bones and the need to incorporate adequate recovery techniques into your training regime. Without set recovery sessions, your performance suffers and you place yourself at great risk of injury.

GETFIT Yoga offers the physical aspect of your recovery and focuses on stretching and releasing the muscles through basic Asanas, deep stretches and relevant sequences. Much of our practice involves release through the hips, quads, hamstrings, glutes as well as the upper body. We use basic Pranayama to assist in achieving the most out of each stretch.

Our goal is not only to assist your body to recover and feel better after and during training periods, but to help with core activation and strength, body awareness and balance. These elements when worked on will not only help you with your training and specific sport, but in your functional everyday life.

So whether you’re a professional athlete or someone that jogs a couple of times a week, GETFIT yoga will help keep your body limber and your muscles in peak condition to get the most out of your physical training.