Neville 62, Business Owner

Dear Kryssi and Crios,

I wish to thank you for your untiring efforts and encouragement to become healthier,stronger and achieve a fitness level decades younger than my age.

When I came to you I was verging on being obese with high blood pressure and dangerous insulin levels that would lead to diabetes if I kept living a life without exercise and good diet.

Due your dedicated personal training over the past year my weight has decreased by 18 kg, my waist measurement has decreased by 16cm, blood pressure and pulse rate are excellent , bone density has increased dramatically, insulin levels decreased into very healthy levels, testosterone has increased and estrogen level decreased. Pesticides and heavy metals have almost disappeared.

Now my food digests much more efficiently, I sleep much better and think much clearer and have more optimistic view on everything.

Previously I would never have dreamed that I would wake early to go to your training sessions as the most important life improving part of my day.

I can strongly recommend your training to anyone with the foresight to wish to live a healthier, longer and more worthwhile life,

Can never thank you enough for the transformation you have made to my fitness and health.

Thank you so much for improving my health and extending my life.

Yours Sincerely,